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Virtual School Victoria

The normal fees for the three public examinations in secondary schools have all been abolished. The funding of education at the primary and secondary levels represents a more active partnership among the government, NGOs, and local communities. A formula for government funding of aided schools, based on school rolls, is being used at present. The government provides grants to assist in the construction and repair costs of facilities. The ministry meets the cost of teachers’ salaries according to a formula in all registered schools, with exception in the case of a few schools. Under a special election, a donor can contribute up to five times the annual gift tax exclusion amount ($75,000 in 2019) and deem the gift to be spread equally over five years to avoid gift tax. Certain plans may impose limits on annual contributions , and all plans limit the total lifetime contribution, typically to the projected cost of five years of tuition at the most expensive, public, in-state college. Pr